Me a little while back in my cocksucking life

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Description: Not a lot to say here, it’s just some pictures of me from my past. Not much has changed. I’m older, I’m still sucking cocks though not as much as back then. For almost 20 years i made it my daily goal to suck or get fucked by no less than 5 men each and every day. I’m dead serious, and i did it with ease by going to glory holes at adult bookstores. Some days I’d only suck five, on a really good day maybe 12 or 15. People ask me how many cocks have I sucked in my life, i tell them to within 1 or 2% margin for error and they don’t beleive me because the number is quit staggering, right at 25,000 plus or minus a hundred or so. I kept a daily count in a book until I hit 10,000 and I wasnt half way through that 20 year glory hole period. I miss those days, i loved all that cum. Stiill do but now I’ve slowed to about 3 to 5 men a week since Craigslist shut down. Prior to that I was still doing 2 to 7 a day mostly them coming by my house at all hours. Neighbors thought I was dealing drugs. Nope, just giving away sex. I fear the day I’m too old to suck cocks. I’ve done it most all my life, it’s like breathing to me. Gotta have it. BTW I didn’t pick the cover pic, the computers did. Figures they’d pic the one pic without a cock in it, just a cocksucker.
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